Applications and Forms

Terms and Conditions:

You have agreed that 5 Star Fundraising, LLC will be working with your organization in connection with a fundraising program to take place as follows:

Please Note:

  • If a program is booked and materials are ordered such as the product, supplies or prizes and there is a cancellation, there may be a charge for products or services provided.
  • Taxes are charged on all orders if you do not provide a Tax Exempt Certificate.
  • Invoices are due within 30 days of receipt of goods.
  • WFC Prizes are provided at no charge unless account is not paid within 75 days of invoice, at which time you will be charged 5% of invoice for prizes.
  • A credit application is required for all accounts that are not a public school.
  • P.O. numbers are required for all fundraisers prior to goods being delivered. PO# _______________________
  • WFC BONUS: If you do not return any candy and pay your invoice within 45 days you will earn an additional Sell-Out Bonus.
  • RETURN POLICY: WFC product returns will only be excepted if it is returned within 60 days from date received.


Agreement Form
Agreement Form

Credit Application Form
Agreement Form

The Ultimate Collection (Gift) Order Form
Agreement Form

Family Treasures (Frozen) Order Form
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Chocolate, Simply Irresistible! (Boxed Chocolate) Order Form
Agreement Form